What if...

  • ...you had the knowledge to create multiple streams of passive income so you could say 'yes' to that family vacation your kids are dying to go on and ​still​ be making money?
  • ...you were able to create more income no matter how the global (or your personal) economy was going?
  • ...you felt confident when pitching to brands, reading contracts, knowing exactly how much you are worth, and knowing exactly how you're getting paid?
  • ...you knew exactly who your target audience was and how to market to them?
  • ...you had all the tools to create Google-loving food blog posts with easy to read recipes that reach Google's first page?
  • ...you had a clear, unique brand with a cohesive voice, tight niche?

What if you created a successful, profitable food blog so you could quit the rat race and be your own boss?

You have a unique set of skills, you're full of knowledge, recipes, culinary experience -- not to mention a brain teeming with creative ideas you're ready to share with the world!

So what's the problem?

  • You read a post on how to make a food blog and now you have a website full of recipes, but have no clue what to do to take it to the next level and make money.
  • SEO? Change that from Search Engine Optimization to Struggle Every Opportunity because it's basically impossible.
  • You have wasted hours searching through all the noise on the internet, finding outdated tips that just don't work, and feel like you circle back to square one every single time.
  • You are scared to reach out to brands and have no idea what to even say to them to score a collab deal.
  • You have no idea how to price your work...but you're certainly not wasting your time and energy for a sack of flour, a bag of chips, or for 'exposure' (ugh).
  • You have no idea how those big bloggers are doing it all! You're so overwhelmed with just the few things you're managing to get done now!
  • You have big dreams of authoring your own cookbook, being on tv, being interviewed by the big names, but have no clue how to even get there.
  • You just can't seem to get your page views up to join those big money-making ad networks.
  • You're basically just talking to the wind in your blog posts and hope your readers will find you eventually.
  • You don't know how to create multiple streams of income, in fact, you didn't even know you could do that!

You just want to quit your job and do what you love!

I want this for you!

Together, we can turn your ideas into income streams, your blog into a business, and your financial goals into a reality.

Results and Testimonials

Meet Your Instructor, Eden Westbrook.

Hi! I'm Eden, I'm a mom, a wife, a 3rd generation Navy veteran and veteran-spouse, and I went from being homeless to owning a 6-figure business with my food blog, Sweet Tea and Thyme.

I don't believe in coincidences...we have met for a reason!

If you're here, I bet it's because you're in a similar situation I was in a few years ago: I followed some big blogger's 'how to make a food blog in 3 easy steps' post after seeing their incredible income reports, dazzled and sure that I would make that money with a successful food blog, too.

Problem is...after signing up and creating the website using all those links by those bloggers you're stuck and confused, there was no 'step by step' post on what to do after those 3 easy steps!

I know what it's like being stuck. I was bumbling around for years trying to figure out what exactly I needed to do in order to make my blog, Sweet Tea and Thyme, profitable with no guidance. I was literally with a low-traffic ad network that paid me $15 every three months and had no idea about SEO or running Sweet Tea and Thyme like a business.

I dug my heels in and invested in Sweet Tea and Thyme, rebuilt the blog from the ground up using the exact techniques and tools I will be teaching you in The Food Blogging Mastermind.

And thanks to that hard work, I went from homeless and struggling to creating a food blog that makes six figures just from ad revenue alone, not including brand deals that pay my rates or any other streams of revenue. I became my own boss, retired my husband from the 9-5 rat race, and carved out my financial freedom while still being a stay at home mom!

I want to help you create the successful food blog you envisioned, too!

a headshot photo of Eden Westbrook, founder of The Food Blogging Mastermind and popular food blog Sweet Tea and Thyme

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